13 Unique Things You Can Do In Manchester In 2017

Greater Manchester is a unique county, full of interesting people, unusual events and hidden gems, each individual in their own way. Some of these events run throughout the year, others are just a flash in the pan; blink and they’re gone.

At System One Travel, we thought we’d provide a guide to some of the more intriguing happenings around our region. You might be familiar with some of the items on this list but we bet you’ll also discover a few surprises. So don’t miss out, read on to find 13 unique things you can do in Manchester in 2017.



1 Bingo As You’ve Never Seen It Before


Not for the faint-hearted, Aunty Dot’s favourite pastime gets a novel twist with Johnny Bongo and friends, along with the opportunity to dance and laugh your way through lines and full houses. Throw in a few interesting prizes and you’re all set for a night like no other. Who thought bingo could be such fun?


2 Microbrewery Tour 

If you appreciate the finer side of craft beer making, you’ll need to be on this tour. Taking in three of Manchester’s best microbreweries during a leisurely stroll of the city’s own Piccadilly Beer Mile, you’ll learn exactly what goes into making that perfect pint.


3 Technically, A Bit of Everything

Feeling digitally creative? Get yourself down to Madlab for everything from crochet to science fiction writing with a bit of coding thrown in. Popping up at locations throughout Greater Manchester, you’ll surely find something to tickle your fancy.



4 Join The Carnival

You could be part of the World famous Manchester Pride's The Big Weekend! Apply for your chance to take part in the parade, the expo or even perform on stage and witness all the excitement of this cosmic event from a very different perspective.


5 Race To Victory


Find your inner Lewis Hamilton at this Scalextric park. Kids and grown ups can race on a level playing field as you challenge one another to be fastest around each of the 9 tracks. Then, put your skills to test in the F1 simulator - you’ll be World Champion in no time!


6 Stroll Through The Orient

Take time out from the hustle of life and expand your mind as you immerse yourself in a programme of oriental exhibitions, residencies, engagement projects, festivals and events at the Centre for Chinese Contemporary Art. This free-to-enter gallery will give you access to original art that seeks to introduce and expand our knowledge of Chinese culture.


7 The Crystal Maze

Eight people. Two hours. Mind bending problems. Go, go, go! Grab some friends and test your brain power and agility as you embark upon this challenging adventure, which arrives in Manchester this Spring.  


8 Seatrek

Explore the underwater world without even getting your hair wet. An amazing addition to the Sealife experience, at Seatrek, you’ll discover an aquarium trip that’s a little out of the ordinary when you come face to face with giant sea turtles, rays, hundreds of fish and even a shark or two!


9 Be A Kid For The Day

If you haven’t got children or just fancy a bit of hands-on Lego time without any little interruptions, get yourself down to an Adult Fans Of Lego (AFOL) evening. You’ll have access to all of the usual Lego attractions as well as building competitions, prizes and guest builders, and not a tiny tot in sight!


10 Live The Parklife

Enjoy some of the biggest names in dance music at the UK’s favourite non-camping festival. Tune in and chill out at Manchester’s Heaton Park, and when the entertainment has finished, you can still make it home to the comforts of your own bed every night; the best of both worlds.



11 Travel Back In Time

Partake in the gastronomic pleasures of a bygone era with a veritable feast at The Sugar Junction tea and cocktail emporium. All of your favourite tea, coffee and cake with a retro twist, finished off with a cocktail. What more could you want to while away an afternoon or evening with friends?


12 Be One Of The Crowd

With Media City right on our doorstep, Manchester is lucky enough to play host to many celebrities and their TV programmes. But what’s a show without an audience? Get yourself a piece of the action by applying for tickets to some of the nation’s favourites, such as Countdown and A Question of Sport.


13 Elrow Bollywood

Join the Confetti Kings of Elrow as they create Bollywood chaos at The Albert Hall. Imagine the spectacular of this weekend-long music event as you party away to top tunes with great people. Fun, fun, fun!

There’s plenty more to see and do around Greater Manchester, so grab the bull by the horns, get yourself a travelcard and use it to explore some of the more weird and wonderful aspects of the area. When you spot something worth shouting about, get in touch with us via Twitter or Facebook, or keep it under wraps and add it to your own list of hidden gems.  


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