Beyonce Brings Fizz to Old Trafford

Beyonce performing live - as she did in Manchester.


From one pop diva to another - hot on the heels of Rihanna’s dazzling performance at Old Trafford, it’s Beyoncé’s turn to take to the stage.  

It’s been two long years since Beyoncé last hit Manchester on tour, and she’s been busy. Amidst all the rumours of relationship problems, and that incident with her sister and husband in the lift, Queen Bey has managed to put together another hit album - ‘Lemonade’.  

The Formation World Tour arrives at Manchester Emirates, Old Trafford on 5th July, giving Beyoncé chance to showcase her new tunes, and with a capacity of 65,000 it’ll be best to plan your travel well in advance. Although personal relationships may not be going too smoothly for Bey, she’s managed to collaborate pretty well on ’Lemonade’, packing in no less than 4 guest artists.

While a common theme of perseverance runs throughout the album, the style of each track is very different. From fury to reflection, Beyoncé demonstrates the range of her musical ability and that of her collaborators.

In ‘Don’t Hurt Yourself’ she turns into ‘the dragon breathing fire’ in as she goes rock with The White Stripes’ frontman Jack White. This track, that can only be aimed at husband Jay Z, has Bey literally screaming a warning for him to behave.

Beyoncé then teams up with The Weeknd in ‘6 inch’ - referring to the height of the heels of her shoes. She’s well known for her women's anthems and here she creates arguably the best track on the album by praising hard-working, independent women.  

James Blake makes a short but ever so sweet appearance on the piano in ‘Forward’, joined by Beyonce for only a brief time. The problem with this track is that it’s just not long enough!

In her last duet on the album, Bey turns to Kendrick Lamar to help her sing about Civil Rights campaigns.  Featuring a sample from an old negro prison song, ‘Freedom’ encourages the downtrodden to persevere and ends with a quote from Jay Z’s grandmother which inspired the album title: ‘I was served lemons but I made lemonade.’

Whether describing her own life, or championing women’s and civil rights, ‘Lemonade’ and The Formation Tour has certainly given Beyoncé a soap box from which to sing. If you have a ticket, you are in for a real treat - visual and emotional.

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