Comical Moments Captured on Buses

The funniest things happen on public transport.  As we make our way across Greater Manchester on buses, trams and trains, travelling to college, to work or to enjoy some leisure time, we’ve all seen things that have made us smile.

At System One Travel, we’ve gathered together some of our favourite comical moments captured on public transport, moments we’d like to share with you to help keep you amused on your journey through our region.  Some are hilarious, some are sweet and some are just downright wacky.  

So, come and take a ride with us on the funny bus and then share your comical moments on public transport on Facebook or Twitter to give us another hearty laugh. Have a great day!


If you gotta dance, you gotta dance… doesn’t matter if you’re the only one who can hear the music!

...and if you’re not the only one who can hear the music, why not invite all of your friends along to dance too?



We’re happy to say that buses can play a part in many of life’s landmark occasions, like this ever so romantic gesture.



Worn out after a long day?  TIme for a little snooze on the bus but make sure that no one captures your tiredness on film.  Must. Stay. A. Wake…



Sometimes all of the excitement of a bus ride is just too much!



And sometimes funny things happen on the bus when you least expect them.



We’re not always sure what everyone’s laughing at, but we still join in because there’s nothing like a good laugh to set you up for the day.



If you can’t see anything on the bus that makes you smile, you’ll just have to amuse yourself.




We hope that System One Travel has helped to amuse you a little with these comical moments captured on buses, trains and trams.  Why not make us all smile some more by sharing your own funny moments spotted on your bus journeys in Greater Manchester?  Use hashtag #BusBanter on Twitter or Facebook and you could be in with a chance of winning a FREE one-day System One travelcard.  Start sharing those comical moments now!

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