Everything You Need To Know About The Upcoming September Changes

Things are changing at System One Travel. We’re always looking for ways to freshen up and improve our selection of travel options, to give you better travel, so that you can make the most of the excellent transport network in Greater Manchester.

Come September 3rd, we’ll be simplifying our ticket range. A few aspects of System One  Travelcards will be altered with both price and ticket changes being implemented.

A number of get me there travelcard prices will also be changing – see below for more details.

We know what you’re thinking. What does this mean for me?

Well, you’ll ultimately experience a more advanced, simpler and smarter integrated travel system in Greater Manchester. So your daily commute, shopping trips and days out will be easier than ever.

But don’t worry if you already have a valid System One Travelcard with an expiry date after the 3rd of September 2017, you can continue to use the card in exactly the same way up until the expiry date shown on your card.

Now, let’s break down the changes…

A Few Goodbyes: Discontinued System One Travelcards

We’ll be bidding farewell to a few of our travelcard options, as illustrated below. But don’t worry, all of the discontinued travelcards have great alternatives, so you’ll still be able to find the perfect one to best suit you.

Generic e-comms crop.png

You’ll find your new favourite travelcard in our great range of ‘get me there’ smart travelcards, which mean less paper, less effort and less expense. Just load your ticket onto your get me there or other ITSO compatible smart card and hey presto: fuss-free travel at a great price. (Please note – 7 & 28 day System One Student paper tickets are still available for Student Annual customers should they prefer to purchase a paper ticket).

For the first time ever, you’ll be able to get bus and tram transport together with the ‘get me there’ AnyBus and Tram travelcards, so there’s no need to get your travel from anywhere else.

Feeling a little bamboozled? Don’t stress. Just visit any TfGM travelshop or drop us an email at customerservices@systemonetravelcards.co.uk and we’ll give you a hand choosing an alternative.

Price Changes: System One Travelcards

Many of your favourite Travelcards will be available as usual come September 3rd, so you can get around Manchester with your same, beloved travelcard in tow. Some of which, however, will be subject to a slight price change...

Enjoy a price decrease with the System One 7 day Anybus Young Person Travelcard, which has gone from £13.10 to £13.00. And our System One 7 day AnyBus Student, at £14, works out at just £2 a day, so you’ll get a great deal when travelling all around Greater Manchester. Go at any time on any bus for a whole week.

Nab another handy saving by purchasing your travelcard online. For instance, when you purchase our 28 day AnyBus Student travelcard online, you’ll save £2 compared to its standard counterpart. It’s less fuss for you, and you get a lovely little saving to top it off.

See the full details of the other price changes on our handy Ticket Update leaflet that can be found on our website.

Price Changes: ‘get me there’ Travelcards

Our range of get me there travelcards will also see some price changes come September 3rd in order to pave the way for providing great value transport around Manchester for people of all ages. For instance, the get me there 1-day AnyBus Adult Travelcard will see a small increase of 60p, while its Junior counterpart will increase by 30p.

You can view the full range of get me there products here, including our recently introduced new travelcards which will help you to save money and plan ahead.

If you haven’t considered our get me there travelcards yet, now’s a great time to explore the many benefits of smart travel. Experience unparalleled flexibility as well as great savings and ease of use. All you have to do is buy your get me there travelcard and load it onto a get me there or other ITSO compatible smart card. Then just sit back on the bus, and reap the many rewards of get me there travel.

The New Travelcard On The Block

That’s right, we’re launching an exciting, brand new travelcard come September 3rd: the get me there 1-day AnyBus 16-18 travelcard! You’ll need a 16-18 smart card to purchase it, which you can get from getmethere.com. Then, you’ll enjoy half price bus travel at just £2.80 for the whole day, every day! Yes please…

You can buy this travelcard on the bus, and you may be asked for ID. So make sure you bring along any form of ID and your smart card to take advantage of this great, new get me there travelcard.

Don’t forget, if you need any support or advice regarding the changes, get in touch. We’ll help make the transition to better, smarter travel even easier. So hop aboard, and experience the travel scheme that’s modernising Greater Manchester.

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