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3rd - 9th July 2017 is the fifth annual Catch The Bus Week. The campaign aims to get us all to take the bus a little more often and to encourage others to do the same. As you can imagine, at System One Travel we’re right behind the idea to help Greater Manchester be happier and healthier!

You may not think that simply swapping a car journey for a bus trip would have much impact on the environment, but you'd be wrong. By taking the bus instead of your car just once a month you're helping to keep one billion cars off the road, and reducing CO2 emissions by a massive 2 million tonnes!

Getting involved is easy: just take the bus to work, the shops or wherever you need to go. By leaving the car at home, you're doing your bit for the environment and by taking the bus, you're also making your life easier. A study commissioned by Greener Journeys shows that commuting by bus is a third less stressful than travelling by car.

Travelling By Bus - The Personal Benefits
The joy of taking the bus is that you can sit back and relax. You're free to read a book, catch up on some work, check Facebook or just enjoy the view. When you get to your destination there's no need to worry about finding a parking space, just hop off the bus and you're on your way. A short walk to the bus stop or station is also a great way to add a little exercise into your daily routine.

Travelling By Bus - The Environmental Benefits
One single double-decker bus can hold the equivalent number of passengers as 75 cars! That's certainly going to reduce congestion and with modern buses being developed with very low emissions in mind, it's the perfect solution for pollution.

Travelling By Bus - The Financial Benefits
Taking the bus can actually work out cheaper than taking your own car. You'll need to buy a ticket, but there are some great deals out there such as the System One travelcards. And don’t forget, you won't be spending money on petrol, you won't have to pay to park, or worry about speeding or parking fines either.

With so many bus services running throughout Greater Manchester, there’s bound to be a bus stop near you at a fraction of the cost of a taxi ride!

All in all, taking the bus is the cheaper, healthier and more sociable option.

How System One Travel Can Help
Whatever your plans, a System One travelcard is great value for money. All System One travelcard users can hop on any of the buses in Manchester*, including Stagecoach, First and Arriva – meaning you’ll never have to hang around waiting for a specific bus.

Meeting a friend for lunch? Leave the car at home and buy a Smart 1-day Adult any bus card from just £5. This gives you access to any bus within Greater Manchester all day, any day of the week. Your pass will even be valid until 3.59 the following morning, so if you decide to extend your trip into a night out, you know you can get home without having to spend a fortune on a taxi.

If you're visiting Manchester for a holiday break, the Smart 7-day Adult any bus card, costing £17, will help you to see all the sights of the city on any of the Greater Manchester bus routes, even on bank holidays.

Staying a bit longer or planning to use the bus to get to work or college? Take a look at the Smart 28-day Adult any bus card which costs £60. It’s amazing value at just over £2 a day to travel as many times as you want!

If you're a student or you live in Manchester, then the Annual System One travelcards can save you a lot more cash. Many people find they don't need a car at all as the bus is such good value for money. With an annual pass you're able to travel on the bus anywhere in Greater Manchester and students will be particularly pleased to note that these passes can be used on the night buses which run until 4am.

The System One travelcards are really flexible, with weekend cards available too. Whatever your travel needs, you'll find a great value System One travelcard that suits your requirements perfectly.

So, if it's been a while since you last caught the bus, Catch The Bus Week 2017 is a great opportunity to give travelling by bus another go. You'll be pleasantly surprised how comfortable buses are these days with plenty of room to spread out and some even have WiFi so you can catch up with your work or friends. You'll certainly be travelling in style!

Want to make even more savings? Get involved with System One Travel’s Catch The Bus Week Selfie Competition!

Every day during Catch The Bus Week, System One Travel will be giving away a WEEKLY BUS TRAVELCARD to one lucky winner. Fancy a chance to win? Then all you have to do is take some selfies on a Manchester bus! Get your friends involved and send in your best or funniest selfies. Just post them on Facebook or tweet them to @Systemonetravel using the hashtags #CTBW2017 and #s1busselfie and you could be the next winner!

You've got nothing to lose, so come on board and join in!
Get your ticket at the ready and give the bus a go for Catch The Bus Week from 3rd July to 9th July. Plan your journey with System One Travel now. You'll be fitter, less stressed and help to reduce pollution and congestion across Greater Manchester. You might even save yourself a bit of cash. That's pretty good going for a simple bus journey!

Source: Greener Journeys Information Pack 2017. *System One Travelcards are accepted by all major operators in the System One network. See website for a full list.

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