How To Celebrate St George In Manchester

St George: dragon slayer and defender of the people. But how well do you know our patron saint? Did you know, for example, that he was originally from Asia? Or that the famous dragon conquering incident took place in Libya?!

George was a busy chap, which led to him also becoming the patron saint of soldiers and archers, cavalry and chivalry, farmers and field workers, riders and saddlers, as well as the scouting. So even if you aren’t English, there’s plenty of cause to celebrate on the 23rd of April!

At System One Travel we want to demonstrate our heritage so we’ve come up with a list of everso English objects and activities that we think sum up our homeland. If you take a bus trip around Greater Manchester, you’ll be able to spot many of these as you go. Don’t forget to hop off and take a look or make plans to take a special trip at a later date.

Here are some of our ideas to honour St George with all things English in and around Manchester.


Blooming Marvellous

There’s nothing more English than a rose. Get hold of the perfect specimen to demonstrate your allegiance to St George at one of Manchester’s leading florists. Try the Flower Lounge in Didsbury or Venus Flowers on Oxford Street in the City Centre.

Feeling creative? Get the whole family involved in making a paper rose . We’re sure St George would appreciate your efforts.


English Heroes

Tune in to tribute acts from some of the greatest English music stars including David Bowie, Elton John and Robbie Williams, along with displays of some of England’s most iconic vehicles and aircraft at the St George’s Day Festival in Bowlers, Trafford Park.

Open from 12pm on the 22nd of April, there’ll be English themed refreshments and entertainment galore. We think even St George himself would approve.


Weather Or Not

The English love to discuss the weather but it doesn’t always lend itself to celebrations. Make sure that you’re prepared with this St George’s flag umbrella , from one of Greater Manchester’s favourite umbrella companies, Umbrellaworld in Bolton.

For just £7.99, we can all fly the English flag while keeping dry or sheltering from the sunshine, if we’re lucky! Take the bus to Umbrellaworld to pick out your own design to make sure you stay dry rain or shine.


Time For Tea

A cup of tea isn’t just a drink - it’s another great English hobby. From Earl Grey to English Breakfast, we spend many hours brewing, chatting over and drinking the stuff. Put it together with some sandwiches and a bit of cake, and we have another English tradition - the Afternoon Tea!

Remember St George by taking Afternoon Tea at Sugar Junction in the Northern Quarter or Altrincham and learn about the 7th Duchess of Bedford who started this refined craze. Or make a trip to any of Greater Manchester’s other Afternoon Tea venues where your tastebuds will be suitably satisfied.


Something Fishy

If Afternoon Tea doesn’t fill you up, Fish and Chips will. The first shop in the UK dedicated to the English national dish appeared at Tommyfield Market , Oldham in 1860. Over a century and a half later, we all have our favourite chippies as well as our preferred way of eating them - with or without mushy peas, lemon or tartare sauce; in paper or on a plate; with fingers or with a fork.

Take a break from your usual takeaway to sample Leo’s Fish Bar, recently voted the best fish and chip shop in Manchester by MEN. Or make a special trip to another on the list of favourites to discover if you’ve been missing out on any culinary classics.


Parade Away

For the ultimate show of English pride, get yourself down to Manchester’s annual St George’s Parade. Beginning at 12.15pm in Varley Street, Miles Platting, the collection of marching bands, floats and motor scooters will make its way down Oldham Road, Oldham Street, and into Piccadilly Gardens before heading off into Newton Street, Stevenson Square, Lever Street, Great Ancoats Street, Oldham Road, Butler Street, Bradford Road and back to Varley Street.

All funds raised go to Ancoats Hospital and Dispensary Trust. Everyone is welcome to attend, even dragons!

What are your plans for the 23rd of April? How do you intend to salute St George? Let us know via Facebook or Twitter and you could win a FREE one-day System One travelcard. Don’t forget to use the hashtag #S1StGeorge.


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