How To Get To Your Football Match With System One Travel

With the 2017-18 football season well underway, there’s no better way for footie fans to spend a Saturday than heading to support one of the many football teams around Greater Manchester in a gripping football match. With fellow supporters by your side and the hopes of a victorious result, you’ll be chanting, cheering and feeling the highs (and lows) of the game.

Making the journey to support your favourite team, however, can be an unwelcome adventure - that is, if you’re not clued up on essential matchday travel tips and tricks. Luckily, the life of a football fanatic doesn’t have to be hard work, and with these few pointers, getting to your next footie match will be smooth-sailing (or bussing!). Whatever team you support, Premier League to Sunday morning kickabout, you’ll do doubt find yourself using these tips more than once in the coming months...

Settle On A Method Of Transport That Works For You

This may seem simple but it’s an important one to consider well in advance. There’s many different methods of transport you can use to get to Greater Manchester football stadiums - train, bus, tram or car. If you want to arrive with a cool head though, it’s probably best to leave the car at home, unless your idea of a pre-match warm-up is spending time in a traffic jam, only to find very limited parking at your destination. We don’t know about you, but we’ll pass on that one!

The public transportation routes however, are much easier, particularly with a System One Travelcard. There’s bound to be a bus, tram or train stop near your chosen ground so plan your journey well ahead of time. Bolton Wanderers’ fans, for example, will be making regular trips to the Macron Stadium for The Trotters’ home games. To get there using the bus, just hop on the 516, 517 or 518 bus to Horwich to enjoy your match stress-free.

Organise Matchday Travel In Advance

Just as Pep Guardiola and José Mourinho have their teams well-drilled on their goal scoring routines, you’ll also find that prior preparation will make your matchday travel easier. It’s time to get your transport tickets sorted.

At System One Travel, we offer a great range of different travelcards so you’re guaranteed to find the perfect one for you. Our travelcards cover bus, trains AND trams, so you can find the perfect combination of travel to get you from your door to pitchside and back again. Once you’ve decided which travelcard best suits your needs, you can buy one on the bus, at tram stops, train stations, PayPoint shops or TfGM Travelshops.

With so many great teams in Greater Manchester, it’s not just the Premier League teams with avid followers. If you’re planning on heading to your local league football games, System One Travel can get you there, too. Devout Abbey Hey FC supporters for instance, are spoilt for choice - just hop on the 201, 203, 204, 205, 206 or 7 bus to Gorton with your System One Travelcard, and get a spot in the front row for Saturday fixtures or midweek matches. Simple.

Be Transport-Savvy

It’s a good idea to familiarise yourself with the area you’ll be going to and a few of its most useful transportation links, so you’ll know exactly how you’re going to get around.

If you’re going to Manchester City’s Etihad Stadium, for example, the journey by tram will be a breeze. Metrolink runs fast and frequent services direct to the Etihad Campus stop. Trams come every six minutes from the Deansgate-Castlefield, St Peter’s Square, Piccadilly Gardens or Piccadilly Station city centre tram stops - so you’ll be able to get on one with ease. The journey takes around 10-15 minutes, depending on where you board.

Manchester United fans might plan on supporting The Reds at Old Trafford using Greater Manchester’s fantastic bus network and a System One Travelcard to hop on the 250 or X50 bus to get there.

Leave Plenty of Time to Get There

It doesn’t take much imagination to guess how busy public transport can get at the time of a football match. It’s unfortunate, but there are measures you can take to avoid some of the fuss. Leaving plenty of time to arrive at your destination will help to minimise the stress of matchday travel and allow you to get settled in before the masses of footie fans descend on the ground.

An extra perk of arriving a little earlier is you might get to sample the fine cuisine on offer - or at least a pie and a pint - and catch up with other regular supporters to provide your thoughts on the players’ tactics. Let’s face it you’d all be better at leading the team than the current manager!

Find The Perfect Matchday Travel For You

System One Travel offers great value travelcards for adults, juniors, young people and students covering more than 12,000 bus stops, 96 train stations and around 100 tram stops. Buy a one-day ticket for your matchday travel and, win or lose, you won’t even have to worry about forking out for your trip home. You can combine your matchday travel with your other leisure activities and your daily commute by buying a travelcard that’ll last a weekend, week, 28 days or a year.


Whichever football team you support, let the men on the pitch take the pressure and make sure your matchday travel is covered with System One Travel. After all, you’ll need all your energy to cheer your team to the final!

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