Plan a Perfect Proposal In Manchester

With Valentine’s Day this week, love is well and truly in the air throughout Greater Manchester and beyond! Although we shouldn’t need an excuse to demonstrate our feelings to those we love, the 14th of February is a good excuse to get a bit sloppy.

Whether you are celebrating with your other half over a meal, at a special day out or with a meaningful gift, you might be one of many who decide to make this Valentine’s Day one to remember by popping THE question.


So, the pressure is on to make the date as memorable as possible, and if you haven’t quite ironed out all of your plans, you might like a little help with our ideas of places to propose in Greater Manchester. Ring at the ready, off we go...


The Way To Someone’s Heart… through their stomach, or so the saying goes. Make sure that your partner's in a receptive mood when you pop the question by wining and dining them at one of Manchester’s top restaurants.

Choose somewhere impressive like Fazenda Rodizio Brazilian Bar & Grill in Spinningfields or, if fine dining isn’t your thing, try a more relaxed, sociable venue such as friendly Bar San Juan in Chorlton. Either way, once you’ve plied your loved one with fine cuisine, you’ll be in an excellent position to execute your plan.


Love At First Sight

Whether you met on a blind date at the cinema, in a queue at the local chip shop or on the bus home from a night out, revisit the place of your first meeting for a truly intimate gesture. A few flowers and of course a ring will add to the romantic thought of remembering that magical moment when Cupid’s arrow first struck your heart.

Remember to keep your cinema ticket, food receipt, bus travelcard and of course your new fiancé(e) as a souvenir of your proposal!


A Room With A View

There are plenty of spots around Greater Manchester with stunning views. Locations such as Lounge On 12 at Manchester House, Rooftop Lounge & Restaurant at  Great John Street Hotel, South Terrace at King Street Townhouse and SkyLounge @ Doubletree all offer the perfect setting for a proposal.

Why not distract your potential spouse (and your own nerves) with a breathtaking view from Manchester’s highest bar, Cloud 23? This venue works at any hour with both day and nighttime views providing a suitably amorous ambience. You could point out places that are special to your relationship - where you met, where you went to college or university perhaps, or where you live - before getting down on one knee and asking that question.

Then, head straight to the bar to grab a bottle of champagne to celebrate and start planning the big day.


Take The Fanatical Approach

If there is something in your partner’s life that they love just as much as (or maybe even a little bit more than) you, put them in a favourable mood by planning your proposal at a place that honours their passion. Football fans, for example, would enjoy a trip to their home team’s stadium or the National Football Museum. Shopaholics might like a trip around their preferred department store followed by afternoon tea.

By taking the time to show your favourite person that you understand and appreciate their favourite things, you’ll prove that you are indeed a match made in heaven!


Manchester Cathedral

Although it was originally built in 1215, parts of the Cathedral were damaged during WW2 and again during an IRA attack in the 1990s. Despite this, the beautiful building still stands. Use it as a backdrop to demonstrate your indestructible love when you propose in the lovely Cathedral Gardens which come complete with water feature.



Romantic Stroll

There are many beautiful spots in Greater Manchester so take a picnic (and a warm coat) and let nature do the talking as you woo your partner into agreeing to be your spouse. Your plans needn’t include a park or even a picnic as another outdoor venue might be more thoughtful.  

What about taking a stroll down Lover’s Lane and on into Valentines Road in Atherton, or wandering through Heaton Norris Park out onto Love Lane in Stockport? Make sure you point out the road sign before you pull out the ring and change your life forever.




If your loved one is a telly addict, take your chances on a behind the scenes tour at MediaCity UK. With a bit of forward thinking, you can apply for tickets to a BBC or ITV show and have the whole audience (and possibly a cast member or two) egg you on.

After you’ve gone to all of that effort, who could possibly turn you down?

Wherever you choose to make your proposal, you can create the perfect atmosphere by ringing the venue ahead of the day to arrange a special touch, such as music, a secluded table or even a photographer. You might also want to let close friends and family know where you’re are going to pop the question so that they can join you to celebrate, once you’ve done the deed.

System One Travel wishes you the very best of luck!

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