Preparing For Uni: 7 Things You NEED To Know

So, you’re heading to university. The car is stuffed to the brim, your first official food shopping list is written and a few (hundred) tears have likely been shed. You’re ready to settle into your new home for the next year and to embark on life as a student.

You can prepare for the pivotal experience that is university in more ways than one. Having your dorm room theme down to a T is great, but being well informed, organised and in-the-know is also important.

Here at System One Travel, we like to think we know a thing or two about student life. For instance, how important it is to have fast, easy, value transport to get around stress-free, available through our great range of versatile Student Travelcards.

We’ve compiled the top 7 things you need to know before embarking upon your maiden voyage to university, that’ll make your experience amazing and without too many bumps in the road...

1. The Modern Day Coupon Collector: Nab All The Best Student Deals

You don’t have to spend your Saturday afternoon cutting out newspaper coupons for half price ham. But if you want to, that’s entirely your prerogative…

We were thinking more student discounts on your dinner dates, shopping trips and days out. As a university student, the glorious, coveted door to student deals and discounts opens. With an NUS card, you gain access to a load of discounts. Think Krispy Kreme, Chiquito, Topshop and GBK.

Luckily we’ve already sussed out the very best student deals around. Have a read of our recent blog post to ensure you’ll be in the know…

Look out for our street teams around Manchester who will also be giving away voucher books jam packed with student offers.


2. Find your new BFFs In Google Maps & System One Travel

If you’re going to university far from home, at first you might find navigating your new city challenging. But with Google Maps by your side, with any luck you’ll be able to get around seamlessly.

For Greater Manchester university and college students, luckily there’s a well-connected transportation system consisting of buses, trains and trams. Your journeys will be even easier with a System One AnyBus* Student Travelcard as you’re able to catch public transport wherever you are in Greater Manchester, so getting lost shouldn’t be a worry. Choose a day, week, month or an annual travelcard - whichever is most convenient. Choose a 7 day or 28 day AnyBus* Student travelcard for easy bus travel all over Greater Manchester with a great student discount.

3. Become A Culinary Whizz

So, you might not become Gordon Ramsey in the kitchen overnight, but having a few easy recipes up your sleeve can only be a good thing.

Curb the curse of the Pot Noodle diet by downloading a food app to get thousands of recipe ideas straight to your phone. A few of our favourites are BigOven, a recipe organising app with over 350,000 ideas, so even for the world’s fussiest eater, you’re sure to find something you’ll enjoy. And Yummly is the ultimate cooking tool that provides recipes based on your tastes and dietary requirements, as well as what you have in the fridge right now. It’s your handy, pocket-sized sous-chef!


4. Plan Student Life From Your Phone

Amidst deadlines, social events and seminars, you might find yourself needing a little help keeping your study schedule on track.

Transforming your bedroom into Post-It note central is an age old revision technique and a good way to remind yourself of important events. But for the sake of salvaging some wall space and preserving the tranquility of your room, get a helping hand from a planning app or our travel planner.

Planner Pig is a daily study planning app that helps you to gain total control of your study schedule and allows you to monitor your progress. You can even rope in some mates and challenge them to a bit of ‘friendly’ competition…

5. Earn Dosh From Your Duvet

That’s right, there are ways you can earn a little moolah online from the comfort of your own bed. I mean, someone’s gotta do it…

In the last few years, there has been an influx of new websites that offer cash or retail vouchers in exchange for sharing your opinion. In other words, it actually pays to be opinionated.

Swagbucks is a survey site that’s a favourite of many students as you can earn rewards by downloading apps, playing games, watching videos and of course, filling out surveys. Another great one is MySurvey, a popular consumer panel which pays out in cash rewards as well as Amazon and high street vouchers. The best case scenario: you could earn £3 to £5 an hour. Not a bad day’s work…


6. Have Fun; Be Alcohol Aware

University is notorious for its party culture. It’s a time for self-exploration and discovery, and making the most of your new-found freedom. With that comes new influences. You may attend clubs, pubs and parties, and while letting your hair down is great, it’s even better if you’re safe while doing so…

Wisedrinking is a mobile app that promotes responsible drinking by considering the number of drinking units you’ve consumed along with data such as gender and weight. It also allows you to track alcohol consumption over a period of up to four weeks, and it tells you if you’re exceeding the legal limit. It’s not an accurate calculator but it will at least help you to be more aware of your alcohol intake.

So don’t be afraid to live it up at uni, but why not give yourself and your parents some peace of mind with a handy app like Wisedrinking?

7. Become A Power Nap Pro

Between having a high workload and a prominent position on the party scene, at uni you may find that having a regular sleeping pattern pales into insignificance. So power naps might just become your new favourite hobby. But it can be a risky ol’ game; alarm setting will be crucial…

One great alarm app is Alarmy (Sleep If U Can). Deemed by some as the world’s most annoying alarm, you either have to shake your phone, solve a maths puzzle or get up and take a picture of a registered place to turn the alarm off. It’s impossible to ignore. Forget cockerels, this app will be your new morning nemesis…


So whatever you do at uni, make sure you do it with a System One Travel’s AnyBus* Student Travelcard. It’s the one travel necessity for students in Manchester. Check out the great deals on offer to gain value and ease when travelling around Manchester in one convenient card.

For all the savvy students out there, you’ll love our weekly student giveaways. Until the 8th of October, we’re giving away hundreds of fresher freebies on the System One Travel website, so you can get your hands on free Odeon cinema trips, Starbucks gift cards, or a Nando’s feast - all you have to do is enter your details online to be in it to win it.

Good luck!  

*Accepted by all major local bus companies. See for full list. Available to all students 16-26 years old in full time education (Student ID required). Bus Savers are available online, at PayPoint outlets and TfGM Travelshops. Information produced by Greater Manchester Travelcards Limited (GMTL). August 2017.

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