Smarter Bus Travel in Greater Manchester


A change is as good as a rest and at System One Travel we’re all for making your life easier!


From Saturday 22nd April 2017, Adult 7 and 28-day System One Bus Savers will ONLY be

available for purchase via a get me there or other ITSO compatible smart card.

Paper tickets for these particular travelcards will no longer be available after this date. 

Tickets will now be known as: 

  •  7 day Adult Any Bus*
  •  28 day Adult Any Bus*


Don’t Panic! The tickets, and how you use them, remain exactly the same meaning you can still enjoy: 

- Unlimited travel on any bus* 

- Travelling anywhere across Greater Manchester 

- Using the same bus operators as the System One network 


Plus – we have even MORE great benefits to offer including: 

  •  CHEAPER tickets – saving you up to £80 a year**! 
  •  You no longer need a membership card to purchase a 7 or 28 day Any Bus* travelcard 
  •  You can now buy your 7 day Any Bus* travelcard on the bus


What’s In It For You?

When we say any bus, we mean ANY bus* in Greater Manchester. You can still enjoy using all the 

bus operators you used when you had your System One Bus Saver including Stagecoach, Arriva, 

First and many more. Services run throughout the region covering nearly 500 square miles, from the 

crack of dawn until 4am the following morning. There are more than 600 bus services in Greater 

Manchester, serving over 12,000 stops so there’s bound to be one close to the start and finish of 

your journey.


The biggest bonus of all about the 7 and 28 day System One Bus Savers moving to get me there is 

the SAVINGS you’re going to make! You’ll pay £1.50 less for the 7-day Adult Any Bus* ticket and 

£5.00 less for the 28-day Adult Any Bus* ticket (compared to the System One Bus Savers): 

  •  7 day Adult Any Bus*  - £17.00 
  •  28 day Adult Any Bus* - £60.00 


Show You The Ropes

‘So now what do we need to do?’ we hear you cry. It’s really easy! If you haven’t already got one, 

please ensure you order your FREE get me there card online , visit any TfGM Travelshop, or by 

calling 03000 035 035 (please note, if ordering off the website, cards can take up to 7 working 

days to arrive). 

Please remember, after 22 April, you will need a get me there card to purchase a 7 and 28 day 

Adult Any Bus* travelcard.

You’ll no longer need a System One Travel membership card to buy your travelcard. Once you have 

your get me there or other ITSO compatible smart card, you can load your 7 or 28 day Adult Any 

Bus* travelcard straight away on the bus (7 day Adult Any Bus* only), any PayPoint shop or TfGM 


No printing, no paper, no fuss! How handy is that?

Once uploaded, you can simply touch your smart card onto the reader when you board the bus, sit 

back and enjoy the ride.


A Step At A Time

For now, this change only applies to Adult 7-day and 28-day System One travelcards. You can still 

buy and enjoy other popular System One travelcards from the range including our Student and 

Young Person Bus Savers, Group DaySavers, Any Bus, Train and Tram DaySavers, County Card and 

BusCard Extra travelcards. 

Remember, Adult and Junior 1 day Any Bus* travelcards are also available on get me there


For more information on the ticket movement, visit the get me there and System One Travel 

websites, or visit any TfGM Travelshop to talk to a member of staff. This is just the beginning of the 

changes – with our main goal in making bus travel in Greater Manchester easier and cheaper for all 

our passengers. 

So don’t delay, get your hands on a get me there card today and register to be kept up to date with 

future developments!


*Adult Any Bus tickets are accepted by all bus operators in the System One network. See for full list of bus companies. 

** Cost saving based on purchasing a 7 day Adult Any Bus ticket across 52 weeks compared to the old System One 7 day Bus Saver. 

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