The Mind-Boggling Things You Could Buy With Your £150 Student Travelcard Savings

We all love to save money, especially if we haven’t got much to begin with! Poor old cash-strapped students must be some of the most hard done by when it comes to funds for spending on food, accommodation and travel.

At System One Travel, we’re trying to do our bit to help out students by providing a £150 discount on the regular price of an annual Student Bus Saver Travelcard.

£150 saving?? Yes, £150!

According to a 2016 survey, travel accounts for 6.5% of a student’s monthly budget - that’s a whopping £624 over the course of the year. Getting around needn’t be that expensive. The System One Student Bus Saver Travelcard will set you back just £360 - that’s less than £1 a day for a year’s worth of bus travel, anywhere in Greater Manchester - a huge saving on the usual price of £510.

If you’re a student, struggling to make ends meet, just think of all the practical and  mind-boggling things you could buy with your £150 Student Travelcard savings.

185 Packets of Super Noodles

It’s a well know fact that the student diet is less than wholesome, usually consisting of anything quick, cheap and requiring minimal culinary expertise. For these reasons, Supernoodles (other instant noodle brands are available) rate highly on the student grocery shopping list.

 Often eaten straight from the pan to minimise on washing up, these  4-minute meals are available in lots of different flavours, no wonder they are eaten 7 days a week. At 81 pence per packet, the £150 saving made on an annual Bus Saver Travelcard would afford you 185 servings.

3 Dogs


Pets are a huge responsibility and, while they are great company and good for relieving the stresses of student life, other distractions will no doubt get in the way of caring for them. Why not use your £150 saving to sponsor a pet instead? For just £1 a week, you can adopt a dog at Dogs Trust Manchester to help fund their food and upkeep.

With the saving you can make on an annual Student Bus Saver Travelcard, you could take 3 dogs under your wing for a whole year, then use your Travelcard to catch the bus to visit them at Dogs Trust in Denton.

9750 Post-It Notes

Lack of organisation can often be a student’s downfall. Get yourself into a routine by investing your £150 saving in Post-It notes. Useful for leaving reminders for yourself and/or your flatmates, these sticky notes can play a key role in planning social and academic student life.

You can pick up 30 bumper packs for £150, that’s 9750 notes, more than enough to cover the whole side of a double decker bus!

15 Cinema Tickets (With Nibbles)

Make yourself popular by treating some friends to a cinema trip. £150 could get you and 14 friends a student deal at the Odeon Printworks or Trafford Centre cinemas, complete with popcorn and a drink.  

Sit back, relax and enjoy the show and nibbles, confident that you’ve got your trip home covered with your annual Student Bus Saver Travelcard.

Night Out For 4

If music floats your boat, you’re certainly spoilt for choice for concert venues in Greater  Manchester. Why not use your £150 saving to buy yourself and 3 friends a night out at Capital FM’s Monster Mash?

At a little over £32 for each ticket, you’ll even have enough change to buy a round of drinks. Then jump on a bus covered by your Student Bus Saver Travelcard to arrive home safe and sound.

15 Service Washes

You can only wear your clothes so many times before they start to walk around themselves. Save yourself some money on new clothes by washing those you already have!

Operating a washing machine can be tricky and time consuming so it’s best left to the experts. £150 can buy you 15 fortnightly service washes at Bandbox Laundry on Hathersage Road, Manchester, ensuring that you smell as fresh as a daisy for the whole academic year.

234 Letters Home


Letters home may be a thing of the past but it’s always nice to receive mail to let you know someone is thinking about you. With £150, you could buy 234 first class stamps, enough to send a letter home every day for 39 weeks.

So dust off your biro and get yourself a packet of envelopes (you do remember what an envelope is, don’t you?) and brighten up Mum and Dad’s day with a daily update on your progress.

16 Traffic Cones

The traffic cone is the ultimate student trophy. Be the envy of all of your friends by spending your £150 saving on no less than 16 of the genuine article!

Use them to reserve a space in the library, common room or bathroom. Or you could make your own personal place at the bar - you’ll never have to queue for a drink again!

What would you spend £150 on? Grab yourself an annual Student Bus Saver Travelcard and spend the savings wisely...or not! You’ll gain worry-free travel around Greater Manchester for less than £1 a day. But be quick the offer runs out on 23rd October when the price will revert to the usual £510.

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