Things Only Manchester People Will Understand

 The people of Greater Manchester are a proud race, and there are plenty of good reasons to be pleased. Whether you’re born and bred in the county or have been lucky enough to make it your adopted home, you’ll relish in telling folk that you hail from Manchester.

 After all, this is where Rolls met Royce, the atom was split, the first public library was opened and computers began their campaign for world domination. No less than 20 Nobel prize winners have lived and studied in the region, alongside a raft of authors, artists, musicians, industrialists, athletes and let’s not forget the crème de la crème of football teams!

All of these have one thing in common: their love of Greater Manchester and its unique customs and traditions. As proud Mancunians, we at System One Travel have been gathering together a list of the little peculiarities that sets our region aside from any other, the things that only people from Manchester will get. Read on to discover how, in the eyes of others, we are, quite simply, weirdly wonderful.


Getting ‘chuddy stuck in your Newtons’ or ‘skriking at our kid for the mingin’ state of their keks’ are average day-to-day activities for any Mancunian. Others, however may not understand that you are simply getting chewing gum stuck in your teeth and screaming at a sibling for dirtying their trousers. 


The Mancunian dialect is a language in its own right. But hey, as long as we know what we’re chunnering on about, everything’s sound!


For example, in Manchester, tea is eaten, not drank, in the evening. Our lunchtime meal is dinner. Simple!


And the meal of choice? From The Curry Mile in Rusholme to black pudding in Bury, Greater Manchester is rammed full of top ‘scran’ (food to the uninitiated). Even with all of this fine fayre, we’ll always be partial to the chip butty, muffin, barm, bap or roll, depending on exactly which part of the county that you hail from.


Did someone mention hail? The weather is a Mancunian’s least favourite topic of discussion. Fed up of being classed as the wettest region in the UK, the folk of Greater Manchester are smug in the knowledge that even though it may be raining in the morning, it’s also just as likely that the sun will be cracking the flags by lunchtime… and then snowing again by nightfall. Keeps us on our toes.


We all have relatives who like to reminisce about the good old days. In Manchester, a common conversation amongst the older generation often concerns the regret of no longer being part of Lancashire. As well as this regular ear bashing, the refusal to include Greater Manchester on postal addresses is also a right of the elderly Mancunian. Quite understandable as they’ve only had 43 years to get used to the idea! Something Mancunians have had less time to get used to is the appearance of House Of Fraser on Deansgate in 2005. For all locals, it was, is and always will be known as Kendals!

Just because we know where Kendals (or House of Fraser) is, doesn’t mean that we shop there all of the time. In fact, if you haven’t at least browsed the weird and wonderful offerings of Affleck’s in The Northern Quarter, then you haven’t shopped at all!
As one of the UK’s top retail meccas, shopping is one of Manchester’s favourite pastimes. However, we’re also known for being able to put on a good night out. After all, don’t we all claim to know Bez personally and be related to the wife of the brother of someone who once worked at the original Hacienda?
And after another legendary night out - often involving a lock-in somewhere in Ardwick - who hasn’t travelled home safely on the number 43 night bus, making friends along the way?
Whether they’re a ‘yonner’ (someone who lives outside of Manchester City Centre) or not, they’ll all be friends for life… or at least one night. Which just goes to prove that wherever you’re from, you can’t deny that Greater Manchester is a friendly part of the country!
What are your favourite things about being a Mancunian? To be in with the chance to win a free one-day System One travelcard, use #OnlyInMcr on Facebook or Twitter to tell us the things that make you smile about living in Greater Manchester. Don’t be a daft ‘apeth, get posting today!


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