Where Around Manchester You Can Travel On Buses

The Crazy Amount Of Things You Can Do With A System One Travelcard

It’s the British summer time and with a System One Travelcard there is truly a staggering amount of places you can be, sights you can see and different people you can be this July!


As an example, this past June 20th, a MASSIVE - wait for this - 16 hours and 48 minutes of daylight was available. I’m going to say that again. 16 hours and 48 minutes of daylight.


Think of all the things you could do and places you could be around Greater Manchester in that amount of time, and with a System One Travelcard - whether a DaySaver, (off-peak, bus only or bus, train and tram inclusive) or Weekly Bus Saver you can do all of it cheaply and easily.

The System One Journey of July 2016

Here’s the full map of areas where you can get to with your System One Travelcard. As you can see, it expands to the full reaches of the Greater Manchester area, beginning in the south of Bacup and progressing as far south as Wilmslow.

System One Travel Map


So let's get started!

1. Hollingworth Lake - 4:43am

 Hollingworth Lake

Here - bearing in mind it’s 4:43am and almost inevitably deserted - we’d instead have the opportunity to sit aside the beautiful expanse of unbroken water, where we would observe the sun rising and beginning to glisten off the reflecting surface from the east and get the day started in peaceful, serene beauty.

A brisk walk to the bus stop later and we’re Bury bound.


2. Peel Tower - 7:10am


Peel Tower Bury


Built with crowdsourced funding in the name of former two-time British Prime Minister Sir Robert Peel, this wonderful monument provides a stunning view of the landscape, stretching all the way to Bolton. Here you’d be able to watch the world come to live before you, as the waking hour begins for most people.

A hop, skip and a jump back into Bury to connect an adjoining bus to our next destination - Bolton - will see you switching at the station to visit their TripAdvisor #1 rated attraction:

3. Smithills Open Farm - 9:29am


Smithills Open Farm Bolton


A wonderful, family-owned farm just outside of Bolton, the large, open-plan space is perfect for getting lost in, amongst the peaceful, grazing animals. With tickets as low as £7 per adult and £6 for children, in addition to the the usual crew of English farm animals, Smithills boasts Llamas, Ferrets, Rheas and even Snakes as a part of their 7 acre farm, in addition to donkey rides, assault courses and an adventure playground!

What’s not to love!?



4. Wigan Roller Rink - 11:58am


Wigan Roller Rink


‘The North West’s Premier Indoor Skating Venue’ offers just that - everything you’ll need to get your groove on and let your hair down.

For as little as £6, you can glide across the floor like a gorgeous and graceful swan.

Or, if you’re like most of us, stumble around haphazardly trying your damndest not to fall over and break your nose.

Either way, you should spend a good hour on the skate and by now you’ll be very, very hungry. So, it’s time to visit one of the North West’s highest regarded cafes…



5. Sweet Little Things - 1:35pm


Sweet Little Things Leigh


Another quick and easy bus ride will see you in Leigh, enjoying the resplendent cuisine and charming service of Sweet Little Things, whose home-made delicious sandwiches and mouth-watering cakes will sate your now ravenous appetite with grand aplomb.

We would recommend surely no less than a solid 45 minutes enjoying your well-earned lunch and either soul-soothing tea or stimulating coffee!


6. Imperial War Museum - 2:29pm


Imperial War Museum Salford


The Imperial War Museum is based on the Salford Quays and currently you could take a step back in time to the 1940s - and learn just how different now we truly are!

Imagine, if you will, a world where war lies right on our doorstep, where the internet didn’t even exist, where cars were an elite purchase, where people still read books and wrote letters… and if you’re too young now to remember that, spend a good 90 minutes exploring the exhibition, where you’ll realise just how fast millennials truly have it.



7. Breakout Manchester - 4:03pm


Breakout Manchester


Breakout Manchester was the genius idea just waiting to happen. You get locked in a room with a 60 minute timer on a big screen above your head and you must escape within the time to breakout.

To do this, you must solve riddles, logic puzzles and hunt for clues, to find combinations to locks, to find keys which open doors - the last door being the one which will let you escape. Available in a range of difficulties to suit families, friends and work colleagues of all kinds, teams of 2-5 can play per room.



8. Masis’ Armenian Restaurant - 5:30pm


Masis' Armenian Restaurant Rochdale


Famous for its renowned Armenian banquet, which has left customer’s blubbering over themselves with praise for the taste, service and size of the portions offered, Masis’ satisfies with both its delicious steaks and crispy salads - making it a must visit for a birthday or romantic occasion meal, if you’re in the area.

After such a gracious and gratuitously generous meal, you’ll need a little physical activity to work off the extra pounds! With that in mind - you decide it’s worth going for a little climb…


9. Awesome Walls Climbing Centre Stockport - 7:39pm


Awesome Walls Stockport


A tram AND a train (from Navigation Road, near Altrincham) will get you over to Awesome Walls in Stockport, where children and adults alike can truly enjoy putting their muscles to good use - indeed you will find yourself having muscles that you never previously knew even existed!

With walls of varying difficulty for beginners and seasoned pros, you receive in-depth safety training from a qualified instructor first, before eventually having a go at climbing 20-30 feet into the air, testing muscles that you never previously knew even existed! Will you make it to the top? How quickly can you make it to the top?


10. Miller & Carter Steakhouse Wilmslow - 9:01pm


Miller & Carter Steakhouse Wilmslow


It’s time to celebrate your success at completing a huge day of travel, so you figure let’s go to the very bottom of the System One Travelcard map, find the best pub around and take a load off.

For those of us old enough to poison our brains, sit down, knock one back, look your friend or family member (we like to presume you undertook the day’s activities with loved ones) in the eye and say aloud: “We did it. And we did good.”


And you did!

It’s ridiculously convenient to be able to just hop onto any bus, tram or train around the Greater Manchester area and flash one travelcard all the time.

You can go anywhere and not have to worry about mounting up travel costs or do that daft thing you have to do on the train where you split one journey into two or three single tickets, because it works out cheaper somehow!

You can have a look at what different Travelcard options are available here. Thankfully, System One offers a host of different travelcards to suit anyone’s circumstances, so you can pick the most relevant and cost effective option for you.

So that’s it! Before I go, let me share with you the map I put together along the way - which shows all the locations we’ve covered across this one small day…


System One Greater Manchester Journey


 Yes, ladies and gentlemen, with a System One Travelcard, you’d have made the connecting journeys of all of these free of charge! Decent that, isn’t it?

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