Where Would Disney Characters Go In Manchester

No sooner have Frozen’s Elsa and Anna left than there are plans afoot for more of our animated friends to visit Greater Manchester. Yes, Marvel Universe LIVE! Super Heroes Assemble is due to arrive at Manchester Arena in January.

With all the characters no doubt eager to get a taste of Manchester, we wondered where they would like to hang out while they are here. Being resourceful creatures, they will of course use a System One Travelcard to get them to their destination of choice so we’ve added the relevant bus routes to help them have a safe and convenient trip.

Let It Go!

 Obviously Frozen’s Anna and Elsa enjoyed their trip to Manchester Arena (along with thousands of children and their grown ups) when they appeared there in October. In their spare time, they needed somewhere equally frozen to make them feel at home...just like Arundell!

One suitable choice for ice galore is SIlver Blades Ice rink in Altrincham. With fun and games on the ice and a programme of shows and events, both Anna and Elsa would be very well entertained. The ladies might also enjoy an ice hockey match with resident team Manchester Storm competing in the Elite League.

Bus Routes: 11; 11A; 19; 19A; 245; 247; 263; 370; X41.

Seeing Green

As his alter ego, Bruce Banner, the Hulk would like nothing better than to hang out at the Biomedical Research Centre at Salford University carrying out the trials he hopes will assist instantaneous cell repair using gamma radiation.

In between his studies, he’d surely have opportunity to visit the Student Union,  join a society and perhaps frequent the Sports Centre to help ease any tension. After all, we wouldn’t like to get him angry.

Bus Routes: 8; 34; 36; 37; 38; 50; 67; 100; V1; V2.


Jungle VIP

With his preference to hang out with jungle creatures, we thought that Mowgli might like a trip to Paradise Island Adventure Golf at the Trafford Centre. He’d feel right at home with the jungle theme and manage to squeeze in a fun game or two while he was there.

Open from 10am to 11pm every day, Mowgli and friends could play all day from dawn til dusk. The Maggie McCaw loyalty card means that they could soon be racking up enough points for a free game!

Bus Routes: 18; 22; 23; 23A; 52; 68; 100; 245; 247; 250.


Let Down Your Hair!

When Rapunzel visits Manchester, she’ll be on the look out for a tower from which to let down her copious amount of golden hair. Where else other than the Beetham Tower? A location worthy of her locks, towering 171 metres or 48 storeys high, the tower can be seen for miles around by any prince daring to come to Rapunzel’s rescue.

Housing the Hilton Hotel, Cloud 23 Bar, a health club and luxury apartments, Rapunzel could get very comfortable with those panoramic views across 10 different English counties while she waits for her prince to come calling.

 Bus Routes: 2; 3; 33; 63; 84; 255.


Photo Bombing

When visiting Manchester, Peter Parker, aka Spiderman, could put his photography skills to good use at the Manchester Evening News offices where he could lend a hand getting newsworthy images from an angle that only someone with his ‘Spidey Senses’ could reach.

Covering stories on celebrities, politics, education and social interest, Spiderman might not even have time for his usual crime busting. Let’s hope he doesn’t get too distracted.

Bus Routes: 149; 151.

Just Keep Swimming

Manchester Aquatics Centre would be a favourite haunt for Nemo if he ever visited our region. A diving pool, health centre and 50m swimming pool would certainly keep the little fish busy.

The convenient location, right in the heart of Manchester, would allow Nemo to keep in touch with all of his Marvel and Disney friends by hopping on a bus. He’d even be able to have a go at Finding Dory.

Bus Routes: 15; 18; 38; 41; 42; 42A; 111; 142; 143; 147; 191; 197; X41; X57.


Hard As Nails

As a businessman, entrepreneur and leader in Research and Development, Tony Stark, otherwise known as Iron Man, would feel right at home at Manchester Business Park along with the likes of Microsoft, Emirates and Cussons.

Adjacent to Manchester Airport, Iron Man could spend his time protecting Greater Manchester by welcoming fellow Disney and Marvel Characters as they fly into our region, while still fending off the bad guys.

Bus Routes: 19; 104.


Choo Choo!

With a love of trains that he shares with Walt Disney himself, Mickey Mouse would surely spend his spare time at East Lancashire Railway at Bury Bolton Street Station.

As a regular stopping point for steam and diesel engines such as The Flying Scotsman and Thomas the Tank Engine, the ELR is a popular destination for all the family, whatever their age. In fact, Mickey could even treat Minnie Mouse to a day out, stopping off at the shop, museum and cafe!

Bus Routes: 482; 483.


Why not take a trip around Greater Manchester to see if you can track down any Disney Characters or Marvel Superheroes? Bus, train or tram, start your journey with a Travelcard to suit your needs at System One Travel - you never know who you might spot along the way.

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