Which Night Buses Could I Take In Manchester?

Night Bus In Manchester


The dark, cold nights are well and truly here; a definite sign that the Christmas season is upon us and with it, a chance to celebrate with a night out in Manchester. Whether it’s a work party, trip to the theatre or cosy meal for 2, with the help of System One, there’s no need to cut your night short for the sake of getting home.

Greater Manchester’s Night Bus services run throughout the area until the small hours, ensuring that you can have your cake and eat it, literally, before jumping on a bus that’ll whisk you home safely and cheaply.

For £3 or less, you can travel on some services until 4am on a range of buses departing from Manchester City Centre to Hyde, Glossop, East Didsbury, Altrincham, Burnley, Stockport, and many stops in between. Buses run at half hour or hourly intervals, with some, such as the 192, 142 and 143 running as frequently as every 10 minutes.

Bus travel also means that all of your friends can travel together without being separated into different taxis so that the fun can last all of the way home. Use a Travelcard and you can enjoy an evening’s entertainment without worrying about having to find cash for the trip home.

To find out which Night Buses you could catch in Greater Manchester, take a look at scheduled weekend services covering most of the Manchester area.

Whether you’re a group of students travelling from your Halls of Residence to celebrate the end of term or a crowd of friends who have left cars at home to sample Manchester’s Christmas Markets and nightlife, stay safe this festive season by travelling in groups and on scheduled buses.


Be prepared: plan your bus journey now with System One and choose a Travelcard for a hassle-free night out. Most of all, don’t forget to have fun!

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