Adult 7 and 28 Day Paper Switch Off 22nd April 2017

From Saturday the 22 April, System One 7 and 28 day adult paper travelcards will only be available to purchase on a get me there or other ITSO compatible smartcard. 


Trevor Roberts, Chair of GMTL (System One) said: “The sales of the 7 and 28 day adult paper travelcards have declined over the past year as people make the switch to smart, which is great news.  Now there are so many converted to smart – 93% for 7 day and 88% for 28 day - it makes sense to simplify our product range by offering these travelcards solely on the smart platform.”  


get me there Smartcards are completely free and passengers can order them online at or by calling 03000 035 035. Alternatively pick up a Smartcard at any TfGM Travelshop.


Once you have a smartcard you can buy a 7 day adult any bus ticket on any bus with 7 and 28 day adult any bus tickets available at any of the TfGM Travelshops or at any Paypoint outlet.

Customers should note that all other tickets remain unchanged and will continue to be available in both paper and Smart format.

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