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Smart ticketing has arrived in Greater Manchester

You can now buy and load smart versions of some System One travelcards on a new get me there or other compatible smart card with an ITSO logo on it including StagecoachSmart. It's all part of the new get me there smart ticketing scheme and uses clever technology to offer smarter travelcards that are flexible, easy to use and in some cases cheaper.

What is get me there?

It's a new smart ticketing scheme for Greater Manchester, with a range of smarter ways to buy and use public transport. This includes a reusable get me there smart card that currently lets you load 1-day, 7-day and 28-day travelcards for unlimited travel on any bus*. And if you already have a concessionary or igo pass issued by Transport for Greater Manchester, you can take advantage of smart ticketing just by using your existing pass.

Travelling with get me there

How do I get a smart card?

You can order a free get me there card online at can also order one over the phone by calling 03000 035 035 or pick one up at any TfGM Travelshop.

How does it work?

You can buy 1-day and 7-day travelcards to load onto your smart card from the bus driver, and 7-day and 28-day versions from TfGM Travelshops. Known as get me there travelcards, these are approximately 10% cheaper than the equivalent printed System One tickets and once your travelcard is loaded onto your smart card, all you'll need to do is touch in at the on-bus smart reader each time you board.

Can I use my igo pass?

If you already have an igo pass for people aged 16 and under, you can now buy and load get me there travelcards onto your existing pass and they’re cheaper than the comparable printed ticket. 

Can I use my concessionary pass?

If you have a TfGM-issued concessionary travel pass it’s already smart enabled and you can use it to buy and load get me there travelcards. However, unless you regularly travel before 9:30am this is unlikely to offer you the best value as after this time your travel is free.

Can I use another smart card?

If you have a smart card from a major bus operator (such as StagecoachSmart) or from another city, you may also be able to use it to buy and load get me there travelcards. Look for the blue circle with the word ITSO in it to see if your card will work with get me there.

Can I use my student or young person System One membership card?

Your System One membership card is not smart-enabled, so you can’t use it with get me there just yet. To keep up-to-date when get me there will be available for you, sign up for more information at 

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Terms and conditions – click here

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